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First, let’s talk about the rain. There have been BEAs where we are baking like captive muffins in the glass oven that is Javits. This was not that kind of day. Limp, bedraggled, in some cases sopping wet, we dragged ourselves into Section E for pre-BEA conferences. I was attending the IDPF conference (and doing a table talk later on metadata).

It goes on tomorrow too. Today there were great presentations from Richard Nash, Liza Daly, and Liz Castro. There was a rather weird “surprise keynote” from Paul Aiken of the Author’s Guild, placed interestingly right before a demo of Google Play. Otis Chandler had some stellar graphics (I so hope these get posted somewhere).

As usual, the backchannel talk was an added dimension. Anyone not on Twitter, not following hashtags, misses out on a good deal of information.

I will be at Booth 3504. Come say hi.

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