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No, in all our excitement over Molly, we have not forgotten Lucy-bun.

Shortly after this photo was taken, however, Molly lunged at Lucy, sending Lucy off her leash, frantically skittering around the yard. I finally cornered her by the woodpile – she was grateful to be picked up by that point. She burrowed her head hard into my chin, which is her way of saying, “Mommy, I was so scared!”

So we are keeping them at some distance from one another. We had Lucy in the yard last night during dinner, but she was in her cage while Molly was on her leash. Molly seems to think that Lucy is fine so long as she’s in her cage, but if she’s on her leash and out in the open, it appears she requires bossing around. At least from Molly’s point of view.

And Lucy just thinks Molly is a horrible big dark drooling snarling loud toothy monster.


This is a very spoiled bunny.

You just know all the other rabbits are looking at her and going, “You have no dignity, you SELLOUT!”

I don’t think she cares.

Lucy is Smug

There’s a hawk in our neighborhood. But Lucy likes to run around outside. We attach a chihuahua leash to her, and then hook that up to the clothesline, and then bunny-sit her while she plays. This way she stays safe and the hawk doesn’t come near her while we’re around.

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