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So That Went Well

My work and home lives – which are more or less inseparable, really – have been on fire lately. And I haven’t blogged. I’ve written – many, many things. A chapter for a book that NISO is publishing; a remit for an ISNI task force; a hell of a lot of emails; two presentations for TOC (the third doesn’t have a script).

So I am uncertain about my resolution. Have I kept it? I have been writing every day. Just not publicly. :/

The resolutions will be accessorized

This is one thing I learned in my time at Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts (from which I have FIVE diplomas): if you really want to commit to something, make it enjoyable for yourself. Otherwise, you’re signing yourself up for torture, and what sane person does that? Pleasure doesn’t guarantee success, but it makes it a hell of a lot more likely.

So it helped that some gym things arrived from Amazon yesterday – headbands (my head is shaped like a very small egg, and it’s hard to find headbands that don’t crawl up the back of my head), a water bottle. A gym bag arrives tomorrow. I popped over to the Murray Hill Health & Racquet Club and signed myself up, and had a lovely cardio workout.

It helped that I was in a buoyant mood when I got home as a result, and merrily swept up the dog hair and wiped down the dining room table and put things AWAY instead of leaving them all over the place.

And it helped that, having done all of this, I cleared the decks to sit and blog. Three resolutions met in one day. (I’d argue four, actually, because cardio makes me all blissful, and one could consider that a spiritual experience.)

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