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Greater Trochanter Is Not A Vacation Destination

For about four years off and on I’ve had hip problems. Calcium deposits, tendonitis, tendinosis. Now they’re saying bursitis.

This is interfering with my desire to streamline a little bit. I’m a huge foodie; I love to shop for food and cook it and eat it and talk about it and read about it. But I don’t want to be a HUGE foodie. Ahem.

So next week I’m going for The Shot. I’ve had it once before and I loved it – I could sleep! – but the pain came back. This time they swear they’re going to get it right. After that, some physical therapy, and then I can keep on with what I want to be doing: boot camp with Gus twice a week, a training session with Gus once a week, and loads of cardio (elliptical trance, here I come!) in between.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to manage things with just a little bit of exercise…and diet. I’ve never been much of one for processed foods, so there’s nothing to cut there. This means…

…lots of dry tuna. And protein supplements – whey shots and shakes. Bleargh.

But it’s working. After the shot, and my rehab, I’ll be much happier.

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