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Easter Morning

Well, Scamp is sick. Naturally. So there’s that to kick things off.

Bernardo was up at 7. Our pranzo is going to be amazing – a pizza rustica, a zuppa with cannellini and tomato and little pastas, and a big dish of lamb with chickpeas. We’re debating about the veg: fennel and orange salad, or asparagus?

Usually I get my girls an Easter basket with just about every sort of candy that’s traditional. But this year, Diva’s up at school and Scamp’s tummy is questionable, so gift cards it is! And a Perugina egg:

My job is just straightening and laundry, sous-cheffing and decor. I think I’m getting off easy, but Bernardo loves cooking so much it’s hard to tell.

Meanwhile, yesterday I cast on for a new shrug, using this:

The fiber is a silk and cashmere blend – it’s like knitting with butter.



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