The Soul

Wake-Up Calls

Bernardo has concluded that “if God is omnipotent and eternal, Easter’s just a stunt.” I reminded him that humans are stupid and need stunts. So now we’re sort of mentally combing through the Bible trying to find “wake-up calls”. My dad did a whole sermon on these (I’ve got to dig those out and digitize them), but so far we’ve come up with the burning bush, Moses coming down from the mountain after the calf-worshipping…

But if God is omnipotent, why does he even need to send this message? Bernardo wants to know. Why can’t he just forgive us and be done with it? My feeling is that people need to know about forgiveness (and also that God probably wants credit – he wants people to know WHO is doing the forgiving, thank you so much).

Time for eggs and potatoes. I’m being chased off the table. Meanwhile, go read Brian’s post.

One thought on “Wake-Up Calls

  1. That humanity needs large skywriting from God sounds about right to me, given our short attention span, and need for constant current proof of existence. It feels like we generally don’t feel connected to history, and therefore want new validation.

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