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It’s happening.

Bernardo and I have made two pacts: One, to do a wee bit of gardening every day. Today we dug out the old chrysanthemums and pulled up some roots, and discovered termites in our woodpile. Two, to practice our golf swings every day. Bernardo tore up a nice bit of the back lawn. Me…I’m tentative. Much more concerned with form. I’m happy that at the last lesson, I connected on all but two swings. I don’t need to send it out far, but I do need to at least get it off the tee.

Mostly, I love my golf clubs. They are SO PRETTY.

And they make me feel like Barbie. So many accessories! Cleats, and a glove, and a towel, and tees, and two kinds of balls. All those club-cozies (and no, I’m not knitting any). Oh, and the golf pro! He is the BEST accessory. I had half an hour with him and he taught me a LOT.

As we do the garden, I’ll post before and after pictures. For now…it’s all before.

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