The Work


I’m procrastinating folding the second of three loads of laundry. It’s imperative that the laundry get done, however, because I am packing and I need the clothes. I’m a little nervous, to be honest – and I love travel – because I have never been to South America and at 9:50 tonight I am taking off for Buenos Aires and TOC Latin America. The flight is 12 hours, and I will have 36 hours on the ground before another 12 hours back to Newark. For the flight I have downloaded many books, am taking a couple of print ones, and a lot of knitting. Boredom is my enemy, and I’m not so sure how well I’ll sleep.

My Spanish is limited to about 3 words, but I have enough Italian to get by. And I’ve given presentations for non-English-speaking audiences before – the simultaneous translation throws you for a loop at first, but you get accustomed to it. You have to pause to let people catch up. Mostly what I’m looking forward to is observing a market I’ve never seen before. (Well, that and some awesome Argentinian steak.) I’ve wanted to know so much about the South American book market  (e- and otherwise), and I’m thrilled to be able to learn on the spot.

Obviously there won’t be much time to pick up a lot of culture, but I’m looking forward to whatever I can glean. And seeing @katmeyer and @lizcastro, of course.

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