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Dining in Buenos Aires

Thanks to Gus Balbontin of Lonely Planet, who grew up in Pategonia and knows Buenos Aires like the back of his hand, we were treated to an amazing lunch at El Mirasol.

The big food in Argentina is parrillos, which is essentially grilled meat. But of course the cattle are roaming the pampas and are consequently grass-fed, so the meat tastes amazing and the Argentineans are very good at cooking it.

In addition to steak, we had organ meats. This is the thyroid and small intestine that Joe Wikert didn’t eat. (I ate mine. It was actually good.)

(Also: Do not ask that man to share a dessert with you. All the desserts are belong to him.)

That evening, we went down the street from our hotel and had pizza. There is a large population of Italians and Italian descendants here, so the pizza was of course great. Also, Malbec.

There was lots and lots of Malbec. At dinner, we sat with Joe, and Holger Volland

…and Kat and Bill McCoy.

We were right below a chandelier.

The following evening, we had more parrilla with Carlo Carrenho and Rudiger Wichenbart at a lovely restaurant under a canopy.


I am afraid to eat any steak now. I think I’ve been utterly spoiled.

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