The Soul

Magic In Buenos Aires

After dinner on Friday night, the speakers at TOC Latin America were invited to the home of Baroness Dudu von Thielmann. She is a pretty serious art collector, and her home is packed out with curiosities of all sorts. She took many of us individually around the place showing us various pieces; I was most impressed with the enormous basket of enormous coconuts residing in her shower.

On Saturday, Liz and I walked, at Gus Balbontin’s recommendation, to La Recoleta Cemetery. To get there, we passed through a gorgeous botanical garden where I was stunned to find a replica of the Romulus and Remus statue that is on the Capitoline Hill in Rome.

Also, did you know that the greenhouse from Harry Potter is in Buenos Aires?

Loads and loads of succulent plants, including varieties of aloe that we’d never seen before:

And a dove giving us the stink-eye as we looked at our map:

Liz and I proceeded to the statue of Evita, who looks ready to bust out of the iron they cast her in:

And on to La Recoleta, which merits a post all by itself.

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