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Some Gratitude

I arrived back in Staten Island about 6 hours ago. TOC Latin America was such an incredibly rich experience and I’m so deeply appreciative of what Kat Meyer and Joe Wikert did to put it together. It was a gift to be able to attend. Buenos Aires was absolutely phenomenal, all the more so because Gus Balbontin gave us an insider’s tour the first day we arrived; his enthusiasm was utterly infectious and I found myself crushing hard on this city.

Another gift was the company of Liz Castro, who is inspiring and inspired, and has taken gorgeous photos of the city here. Liz’s conversation and wide-eyed interest in everything and anything means she is an amazing traveling companion. We had so much fun walking around Buenos Aires on Saturday, ending up at La Recoleta Cemetery (about which I will post later).

I was also deeply affected by the energy at the conference. The folks at TOC have such a knack for gathering vivacious, intelligent, passionate leaders to speak about their projects, and my mind regularly explodes at these gatherings. The attendees really inspire me to want to do good things, and the conversation is always elevated. Every time I go to a TOC conference, I feel like the bar for what we can think and accomplish gets raised a little higher.

And then I came home. When I arrived, Bernardo showed me the 20 knockout rose bushes he’d planted yesterday! It’s a dream come true to me to be surrounded by roses like this. We also added a fig tree to our collection of fruits, and a hibiscus just for fun.

I’m still digesting the magic of these last few days. And getting used to hearing American accents again. Re-entry is, as always, a bit of a challenge.

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