The Work

ONIX for Publishers

Message from an ONIX recipient:

Dear Publishers,

ONIX is not your internal database.  No, really, it’s not.  Just because you have a field in your database for your own private use doesn’t mean anyone outside your company gives a shit about it.  No, really.  Seriously.  We. Don’t. Care.

Or to paraphrase [redacted in the Metadata Committee meeting]: “I’m not going to object to the addition of this tag in ONIX, but I have no idea why publishers think it needs to be added.  We have no intention of ever using this information and we don’t know of anyone who does, but if you want it in there to make you happy, then fine.  Just don’t expect to see the information displayed anywhere, ever.”

This was met with resounding silence, which I assume means all the publishers were like, “Great, then we’ll get it added, thanks!”

Yes, let’s talk about audiences for metadata, shall we?

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