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At Some Point

the price of ebooks in promotions will drop to less than zero, and we’ll get paid for reading them:

Mr. Bryant, who formerly edited a sports magazine for The New York Times, said that Amazon’s “price bot” had picked up the fact that the book was being given away as part of a weeklong promotion and responded by dropping its price to zero.

2 thoughts on “At Some Point

  1. Good! I’;m actually GLAD he got screwed. Aside from publishers having terms imposed on them by tech companies, it’s even worse for writers who have no damn idea when a tech company will give away their book and start a cascade effect to a price of Zero. I’ll say it again until it finally penetrates all the damn skulls out there: They’re ALL The Man.

    1. Certainly it’s very wise to remember that (a) booksellers don’t have any one particular writer’s best interests at heart (b) tech companies don’t have any specific content industry’s (music, video, books) best interests at heart. In digital delivery, that puts the writer (and his interests) at a far remove from the ultimate distributor.

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