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Who Are We?

So like any good blogger, I check my stats. The majority of page views comes from the US, which is natural. After Buenos Aires, I was obviously getting page views from South America. This last week it’s primarily been Europe.

This is a pretty small blog – and a weird mix of the personal and business. Well, from my own perspective, it’s ALL personal, but some folks like to get up in my business too, and I invite them to do so. It’s less lonely that way.

At any rate, I’m just curious. Who is everyone? Or, rather, why? What brought you here and what keeps you coming back? The blog is what it is – it barely even has a name; I’m not asking for SEO purposes. I may soon have to stop blogging so frequently, in fact.

I guess I’m just interested to know who else outside of the US is thinking about some of the things I’m thinking about. So if you feel like saying so, I’d love to have any of your comments. Anonymous comments are cool too.

14 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. A certain proportion of the Amsterdam visits will be from me. I follow you on Twitter because your tweets about yarn look like tweets about yam. (I also know a fair few of your NY publishing circle, because I moderate Making Light.)

  2. Hi Laura. I’ve been reading you a lot in the past few days, so I have a hand in your European surge. Oddly it works the other way for me and more Americans than Europeans read my posts (although I’m having a bit of a break from blogging right at the moment as I have been quite unwell). I know Brian O’Leary and some of the ToC crowd and have been following you on Twitter for a long time – but (to my shame) have only just woken up to your blog. I love your eclectic mix of posts and the way your work-life balance is so evident! Happy to talk more and give feedback by email.

  3. I’ve been curious about the same thing on my blog. I’ve had visitors from places like Tunisia, Bangladesh, Ecuador, and many others that really surprised me, given how new my blog is and how few readers I have.

    I’m in western Canada, and just following you about a week ago. I can’t remember exactly how I first arrived here, but it was from someone’s link to your post “Why Amazon Will Be the Good Guy”.

    1. I like your thoughts about Amazon as well. (Also the cartoon – zomg, if I could tell you how many dead blogs I’ve encountered in my life…)

      It’s great to know you!

      1. Thanks, it’s great to know you too. It’s fascinating how these seemingly random connections develop online. Not really random, but with no connection to the physical world.

  4. Although American, I’m one of your European visitors too. We seem to share some interests in things like books and metadata, for starters. A few days ago on Twitter I saw you had a blog, thought I’d come see, and voilà!; here I am.

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