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As briefly as this blog has been in existence, I already had to take a hiatus. My mother came to visit – which threw into high relief for me the fact that my life is a very busy one.

I do envy the contemplation my mother has earned. But she had three children and a husband who needed a lot from her, so her peace and quiet is not just earned but hard earned.

I dropped my mother off at the train station in Newark on Tuesday, came home, and promptly began getting ready for my new job. For the last three days I’ve been commuting to New Providence – an hour from my house – and getting up to speed on how things work at Bowker. I am putting together plans for a couple of tests for some identifiers, to see realistically just how beneficial they can be. And we finalized my speaking engagements for the year.

I may get drafted to speak at BEA, but so far I’m in the clear. That will be good – I can do my walkabouts, have meetings in the Bowker booth, and generally get a sense of things.

Meanwhile, it’s the weekend. Scamp and Diva went to Bamboozle last night in Asbury Park, mostly to see Skrillex. It’s Scamp’s first concert EVAR – apparently she was jumping up and down in excitement. I’ll pick them up from their dad’s house later today – and weed the rose bank, make the beds, put away the laundry, empty the dishwasher. We’re making pizza for dinner. And here comes Bernardo from morning golf.

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