The Work

I Thought This Would Do the Work For Me!

Last night Bernardo and I were rewatching The Sopranos – well, we just finished rewatching The Wire, so where else is there to go – and we wrapped up “The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti”. This is in Season 1, where Chris is writing his screenplay. He got a screenplay formatting program, and he’s gesturing wildly to Paulie and saying, “I thought this would do the work for me!”

He’s barely literate. Nothing’s going to do the work for him but…him. As we know, he eventually completes it (and it’s horrible).

We all have to do the work to get the result. Installing a new database, configuring a new system, changing workflow – we still nevertheless have to buckle down and do the work.

(I’m speaking as someone who’s procrastinating writing a PRD in any number of imaginative ways, including writing a very elegant SQL query that will take approximately three lifetimes to generate results, but I neeeeeeeeed that data to build the requirements.)

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