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Just Because You Send It Doesn’t Mean They’ll Use It

Otherwise known as “you can lead a horse to water….”

At today’s BISG Identification Committee meeting, I started thinking YET AGAIN about the amount of data flying around in our increasingly digitized industry. Our databases – with their skillions of titles, and skillions more being published every year – frighten music and video industry folks. (There are, in the Bowker database, about 150,000 publishers with fewer than 10 ISBNs each.) This is a lot of volume.

So it’s not surprising that it doesn’t all get used. It’s important to remember, when you’re packaging up your metadata to go out to trading partners, that they don’t use every single field. Once again, good relationships can help with this. The more those fields get discussed between trading partners, the greater the understanding is about what’s relevant and what’s not.

Publishers send Bowker proprietary data all the time – identification tags, descriptors. And we don’t ingest it all. There is no one-size-fits-all metadata feed. (There is a one-size-fits-a-lot feed, however.)

Yet another reason for trading partners to talk amongst themselves.


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