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Tomatoes! And a big hole in the ground.

So our backyard is about to get a swimming pool. It’s going to be a sort of half-and-half above/belowground pool.

In order to do that, two things are necessary. One, a backhoe:



Two, space. So up comes the garden. Bernardo put the cherry tomato vines on the patio table for stripping.



I spent the evening gathering all the ripened cherry tomatoes (and giving some to a neighbor), while Bernardo uprooted much of the rest of the garden. Like the beefsteak tomatoes – saving the green ones to be wrapped in newspaper, to ripen in the basement. And some of the basil – which meant we’ll be eating pesto for weeks. Which is okay!


This morning we got up early to finish. Well, Bernardo got up early. I didn’t get up till 6:30. I stripped the green cherry tomatoes off the vines for pickling.


Meanwhile, Bernardo dug up the rest of the basil…


…and the mint, which he put in the wheelbarrow for the time being.


I went down to the basement to wrap the green beefsteaks in their newspaper.


By the time I was done, I had 3 grape crates full of tomatoes – in a single layer per crate so they won’t rot.


We had a helper, of course.


We got done just in time; the pool company showed up with more equipment.


Later Bernardo emailed me to say that the pool is missing a part and they can’t install it until the part comes. I think this means the backhoe will be in the yard for quite a while. Or possibly just a Very Large Hole.

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