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Canning for the Apocalypse (again)

So we had all these green cherry tomatoes – about 3 quarts of them. I let them soak in water for a little bit.


And then drained them.


All this was down in the basement – our slop sink is between the washer and dryer, which make good work surfaces when they’re not on “Spin”.

I brined them in a bucket – 8 cups water, 4 cups vinegar (just regular white vinegar), and a cup of coarse sea salt, and let them sit that way for 24 hours.


The next day, I ran down to the market and got garlic cloves and dill. Then I set up the patio (what’s left of it) for canning.


I filled each pint jar with two cloves of garlic, a sprig or two of dill, and then the brined tomatoes.


They were very pretty.

Into the canner they went!


And the canner went on the side burner to the grill, so I wouldn’t steam up the house. Also, boiling vinegar <> lovely smell.


A lot of sweaty time later…pickles!

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