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So – in addition to “Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto“, I’ve got some contributions about metadata and identifiers in the Frankfurt Book Fair ebook. Apparently identifiers will achieve near ubiquity at Frankfurt – if you see a piece in the show daily about ISNIs and ISTCs, there’s a 50% chance it will be mine (Olav Stokkmo, of IFRRO, also has a piece on the two identifiers). And Publishing Perspectives will be running a piece about ISNI as well.

It’s all ISNI all the time around these parts. There’s some exciting stuff coming out of Wikipedia and Google in the coming months. I’ve got some delicious pilots set up for 2013. All that vagueness of previous posts is coalescing into some concrete action.

Essentially, it can be boiled down thus: Identifiers are like a neon sign to search engines. They point out that certain information is authoritative, and also unique. Search engines look for content that is authoritative and unique, and rank that content higher in search results.

Here’s why identifiers designate authoritative and unique things: People have to pay for them. If you care enough about your content to pay a registration fee and enter all the metadata that the registration agency wants, you obviously have something worth looking at. People just don’t buy identifiers and fill out online forms for the hell of it. Search algorithms know this. They prioritize identified content. If your content is cared-for and tended-to, that will get recognized.


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