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Wine Day! With pictures.

This morning, Bernardo and our friends Charlie and John hustled over to Terminal Market in Queens and came back with this:

Well, actually, 20 of those crates:

Molly was very curious and had to sniff the crates for bombs:

Bernardo had all the materials ready. Metabisulfate, which disinfects our tools. Yeast to help with fermentation. Other powders and implements:

And, of course, the Wine Book. In which Bernardo has documented every batch of wine he’s ever made since 1998.

The first thing we had to do (and I use the word “we” loosely) is rinse out the wine barrels.

And then “we” crushed the grapes.

Molly made sure the empty crates were safe.

The crushing takes the longest, and is the most taxing part (aside from lugging the grapes to and from the car in the first place).

At last, the grapes are crushed.

Time to de-stem!


Then we test the sugar level, to see what the alcohol content is supposed to be:


Then we test the acid level, to see if we need to add more.


Then we add yeast. Special wine yeast – not bread yeast – but it smells the same.


And then…wine magic.


The men stirred the vats.


Then we covered the barrels.


The guys took the empty crates outside…


…and then it was Wine Day Feast:


We toasted the success of this year’s wine with last year’s:


A gorgeous Wine Day.

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