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We had a great #ISBNhour last Friday on Twitter, but given the ephemeral nature of the Twitterverse, I figured I’d post here as well.

ORCID launched last week. The acronym stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID, and it is primarily designed for scientists and researchers. At ISNI, we’ve received some questions regarding the compatibility of ORCID with ISNI. And there’s a very simple answer: They’re totally compatible. In fact, they are the same number.

ISNI has set aside a block of numbers for ORCID’s use. So registrants of ORCID automatically get an ISNI – it just depends on which label you decide to use for that number. (Rather like an EAN, in Bookland, is also an ISBN.)

The purpose of these identifiers is the same – to unambiguously identify a person of note. An ISNI is a “bridge” identifier – it has very little metadata associated with it, and its primary purpose is to link to proprietary identifiers to provide interoperability among systems.

So applicants to ORCID will, upon receiving their ID, be able to look themselves up on the ISNI website as well.

As soon as my web developers give me a new page on (don’t ask), I’ll post the official ISNI statement on ORCID.

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