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Sandy in Staten Island

Let me begin by saying I do not know, but I think Mike Cane is okay. His undisclosed location is on a hill; I know from the Con Ed map that it is also suffering massive power outages.

We are also okay. We have no power or heat, but we have run an extension cord to the next-door-neighbor’s – they are on a different grid and their power was restored on Tuesday night. So we have internet, and various cooking functions, and are swapping the power between our two refrigerators every 2 hours.

We have a fire in the fireplace, and plenty of blankets and sweaters, and a space-heater for when things get real bad.

Staten Island is kind of like Sicily in that it has a lot of hills (non-volcanic, mercifully) surrounded by coastline. The coasts, particularly the South Shore, are what took the brunt of the beating. So far, there are 14 confirmed deaths, but they haven’t done the house-to-house searching yet because the floodwaters are still high. There are a lot of downed power lines all over the island. Statistically, Staten Island suffered the worst power outages of the 5 boroughs in terms of population – around 75% of homes and businesses were without power. Even Manhattan’s below-34th-street-outage did not compare with SI’s per capita outage. (I feel like I need to say this because we are often “the forgotten borough”.) Now, about 2/3 of the island is back online, according to Con Ed, but so far that has not reached our house (why yes, I am cranky, how did you guess?).

The biggest concern here seems to be procuring gas for cars and generators. We are getting some new shipments in periodically but it’s not enough to satisfy demand.

The devastation in Tottenville and on the East Shore is pretty breathtaking. Not just trees and smashed cars, but whole homes and families washed away. Boats lifted out of the marinas and pushed onto streets. A water tanker washed ashore.

We’ll be all right. Normal will come slowly, and then suddenly.


2 thoughts on “Sandy in Staten Island

  1. Glad you’re ok and have a solution for power from your neighbors. Thanks for the update and reassurance about Mike too. Some people probably don’t realize you all are trapped on SI right now. Hang in there!

    1. Yeah, trees and downed power lines make it a bit treacherous to get from here to there. But both Con Ed and the city are working really hard on re-wiring and de-tree-ing right now!

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