From a mom, and a technologist

The news about Aaron Swartz trickled out slowly, and then quickly.

I didn’t know him. I certainly know his work.

He was only seven years older than my older daughter. I feel maternal enough towards people in tech – as Pablo Defendini and Brett Sandusky can attest. This, though – this broke my heart.

Someone so emphatic about the fact (THE FACT) that information should be freely available to those who seek it, someone passionate enough to work on creating RSS and Reddit, someone devoted to children and to love – and someone so young – is a treasure for the world.

That he was 26 and has left so much good work for us to build on is even more phenomenal. As a technologist, I am so profoundly grateful for what Aaron spent his life doing.

But I’m also a mom. And if my baby left me at 26, I don’t know how I would go on.


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