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Already broken

I didn’t write yesterday. I am consumed with this online course I’m taking to reduce our auto insurance – it’s a safety course that is simultaneously horrifying (both in length and content) and educational.

I didn’t start driving until I was 40 or so. Weirdly, I’d had my license the whole time – I took driver’s ed in high school but got into a fender-bender the week after I got my license. My father insisted I needed more practice, but neither he nor I had the time to give over for it. I just kept renewing my license, and when I moved to New York, I wasn’t required to re-take the test.

I did take some driving lessons, and practiced assiduously with Bernardo, until I was able to drive from Brooklyn to Delaware to visit my mother. Now I drive daily – not just because I live on Staten Island, but because I work 45 minutes away by toll roads.

I didn’t really need to know how to drive until relatively recently – living first in Manhattan and then in Brooklyn, public transportation is all too available. Staten Island is a different story altogether. I love my car – though I’m getting a hybrid next time – but even more, I love what it does for me.

Back to the course. I will do a couple of posts from Brussels to make up.

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