The City

In Brussels

Brussels is snowy. They weren’t expecting the snow, and here it is. I can tell how unprepared they were by the amount of walkways that have not been de-iced or shoveled. I still am not sure if it was stupid for me to walk back to my hotel from the IFRRO offices in heels – they are wedges, after all, which are hardly heels when you think about it. If you think about it. I think about it quite a lot.

Winding streets. Sanded, icy pathways. Miracle of miracles, I did not fall on my rear, which is more than I can say for walking around New York in flat shoes. It was twilight – hard to really see the architecture. I think it’s impressive, but I’m waiting till Saturday to confirm this.

We went out to dinner at Jaloa. I had a sort of shepherd’s pie with oxtail, spinach and potatoes. And oysters! And cheese for dessert.

Tomorrow I’m walking back to the IFRRO offices – it will be faster than taking a cab. And I will wear my Danskos.

Also – the coffee here is amazing and wonderful and perfect.

3 thoughts on “In Brussels

  1. Trading Europe for Manhattan seems like a pretty good move, to me. Also, I’ve fixed that annoying typo in my own name. I think the value of a consultant who can’t spell his first name correctly is trending toward, um, zero.

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