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Today was one of those days – where I was immersed, engaged, deeply involved in moving projects forward.

And then it was 5:00, and time to work out; and then it was snowing, and time to drive home. And then I hit the Newark Bay Bridge.

I have a love-hate relationship with that bridge. It’s under construction/improvement, and that causes complications. But the view – the VIEW! – from that bridge is incredible. Regal. You can see all of New York Harbor – the Statue of Liberty, the Freedom Tower, the Empire State Building. With the brightly-lit cargo cranes to the right, and Manhattan to the left, it’s a jaw-droppingly majestic sight.

Tonight, however, there was no view.

The snow made for very poor visibility. There were a couple of jerks stopping their cars without signaling, weaving between cars. Stopped at the far foot of the bridge were two OTHER jerks, with hazard lights on, and a cop car behind them. This was the bottleneck.

It took me 90 minutes to get across a bridge that normally takes 10 minutes. So I had plenty of time to meditate.

And that’s the thing about being immersed – at some point you have to come out. Because you have a family, a home, pets, children – dinner to be made, floors to be swept. The commute home helps a lot with that sort of channel-changing; but sometimes you get a little extra. If you are intent on moving forward and getting everything done the way you have always, it can be frustrating. But if you’ve had an extremely challenging day, sometimes a 2.5 hour commute can be a good thing.

I didn’t meditate on anything in particular. That sort of time is not meant for productivity, but refreshment. When I got home, Bernardo was sorry that I’d spent so much time in traffic. But I didn’t mind. I was shedding my work skin, and it would have taken a little longer anyway. At least this way, when I got home, I had left the job behind me for the weekend.

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