The Home


In a busy house, weekends are largely about Getting Ready For the Week. The interminable laundry. The changing of the bunny cage. Dog-grooming. And, lately, cooking and putting up food.

When I was married, the food was my responsibility. Eventually I worked out a system whereby I made five meals on a Saturday night, and put them up in plastic containers. I posted a spreadsheet on the refrigerator – this main course, with this vegetable (or two), and this starch. It worked, mostly, unless I left “salad” open to interpretation.

Bernardo is a fantastic cook. For a while we theorized that he would cook during the week, and I would do it on the weekends; but our weekends are so jammed with chores, kid-ferrying, and sudden decisions to go skiing or to the beach. This weekend we instituted a new plan – I would do stews and casseroles and things (my forte anyway) and freeze them for weeknight consumption. And Bernardo would do the weekend cooking – which may or may not require prep, but he is better at that sort of thing than I am. As of Sunday night, it’s working – over the weekend I made a veal curry and a chili, and for lunches I made a curried celeriac soup. Bernardo already has some baked ziti in the freezer, as well as some sauce for ravioli, so I think that takes us through Friday.

I am coming down with a cold today, so after a long nap I simply puttered. (Laundry is good for that – reorganizing closets and drawers, fussing over clothing.) Bernardo moved some of the furniture in the bedroom so my vanity is under a good strong light. And I recovered the bench, which was this awful zebra print. Now it’s pretty.



As Bernardo made dinner (a delicious sausage bolognese with whole-wheat pasta), we talked about What’s Next. Venetian plaster for the living room walls, and a new carpet. New wallpaper for the stairway, and new carpet. Painting the sunroom and the kitchen (yellow and peach, respectively).

All of which is much easier than what we have just finished doing – landscaping the backyard, putting in the shed and the pool and the patio, installing French drains and a new basement floor. Things are coming along.

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