3 thoughts on “Where Is Summer?

  1. It’s really been TWO summers. The first one, which ended sometime in mid-July, was hotter than Hell. It had me planning never to spend a summer in NY again, figuring, as I did, that global warming had set in and it would only get worse. Just about as soon as I made that decision, the weather cooled off and it has stayed somewhere between refreshingly nice and tolerable ever since. Sorry the best weather for tomatoes is not the best weather for humans, or at least for me. I’ll take partial blame for having wished so fervently that the brutal heat would STOP!

    1. We usually get a couple of heat waves. I’m spoiled because, in Staten Island, we have the requisite swimming pool. (Seriously, sometime do an aerial view of Staten Island on Google Maps – it’s ridiculous.) That goes a long way towards keeping us cool without skyrocketing AC bills. We also live in a hundred-year-old house with ceiling fans in every room – the house stays pretty cool in summer. We’ve only had to put on the AC for a week or so, plus a day here and there.

      My office, however, has until recently been cooled to 64 degrees daily. It’s insane.

  2. Your not the only one to have suffered a near zero harvest, I have only had two tomatoes (one red, one still green) off four plants this year, possibly as the result of irregular watering when we were away in France.

    However, have just returned from a long weekend with my Sister who lives in Mid-Wales and she has had a bumper harvest of ‘everything’. Came back with 2 kilos of tomatoes, 2 kilos of French beans, cucumbers etc.

    Maybe next year!!!!

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