The Home

Tiny and Fast

I am a tiny person.

I’m maybe 5’2″ if I am really aspiring to it, and I’m 123 pounds (as my Fitbit scale told me this morning).

Today I discovered that a tiny person has no business driving a U-Haul van.

I thought it would be simple – I’d rent the van, drive to Ikea, buy all the pieces that make up a bed and a couple other things, take them over to the apartment, and then return the van. Man plans and God laughs. It was all I could do to freaking park the thing in the Ikea lot, and I took up more than my fair share of space.

It turns out that the bed I had my eye on is so amazingly heavy to a tiny person that she needs A SHIT-TON OF HELP. I couldn’t even steer the cart. I even Leaned In. Fortunately, folks (MEN WITH MUSCLES BIGGER THAN MINE AND I DO YOGA 5 DAYS A WEEK) were helpful. The guy-who-helps-you-load-your-car wanted me to back in, and I said, “I can drive this thing but I can’t maneuver it like that,” and he wrote me off as a Female Who Is Helpless and loaded my car for me.

I tipped him generously.

And I got the van home. And Bernardo loaded into it the stuff that had come from Amazon while I was away – carpets, a vacuum, a mattress. And, in the late afternoon, he drove the van and I drove Gina over to what is fast becoming my new home.

Gina was pretty cool, all things considered. I had told her what was going to happen, but for reasons of her own she desired it to be a party – she was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t. But she sat in the folding chair we brought her, and ate the chips that Bernardo put into a baggie for her. She explored the apartment – especially the critical areas like the fridge and the cabinets (potential food homes), and by the time she was done, we had brought in everything from the van (with Bernardo CARRYING THE HEAVY THINGS SOLO YOU SEE WHY I LOVE HIM HE EVEN TURNED MY CAR AROUND SO I WOULDN’T BACK OUT ON THE BUSY STREET). We drove back, had beers and swims, and here we are.

He likes the apartment. That is important to me. He knows how I work – I move into a space, make it all homey and clean, and then dwell. People feel better after being in a space like that. So even though it’s kind of “meh” from the outside, it’s going to be a nestle-in sort of place once I get everything where I need it to be.

Tomorrow I go over and do the big vacuum/mop/bathroom clean. And get more boxes for more books – I did 3/4 of my shelves today. It’s an experiment in relationship-ing. But it’s unfolding very lovingly so far.

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