The Home

Man Plans, God Laughs

Well, instead of creating more peace today…

I puttered around the apartment in the morning, continuing to put things right. Then, in the afternoon, I emptied out the house of the remainder of what I need to live here – as well as providing a backstop for Bernardo so he could go to the gym; I got Gina off her van and gave her a snack as I was reconnoitering. So I arrived back at the apartment in Bernardo’s car (which is a Rav4, so big hauling capacity) with a zillion boxes (mostly of yarn), dumped them, returned the car, went for a swim and had a beer, and came back to the apartment kinda pretty tired.

Peace will have to come tomorrow. Tonight I made my first solo dinner in a long time – tagliatelle, with a tomato sauce made from garden tomatoes and cream, with pecorino. It wasn’t much, but I haven’t been eating much, and I ate it all while watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. There will be more deliberate cooking. Soups (I love making bean soups), sauces, curries (once my reflux is better). I bought a load of containers for freezing, and have a store of Ziplock freezer bags as well.

So it was busy. But good. Progress continues apace. I’m not used to this – I’m not used to a positive move-out. But it’s going well, all things considered. It continues to go well.

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