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My Grandmothers’ Plates

Today was Wall Day. I didn’t realize it when I woke up, but that’s how it turned out.

I’d ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon – housewares, decor. But I’d also brought over all these plates from Bernardo’s house. My paternal grandmother would buy plain white ceramic and paint it – I have 10 of her plates. My maternal grandmother (and her mother, and her mother’s mother) has passed down a set of commemorative plates from WWII London – major London landmarks (and I think everyone knows how much I love this city – it is my favorite in the world).

So after I’d unpacked all the Amazon things and put them where they wanted to be (and it’s always a question – your stuff has to be comfortable next to your other stuff, and I am a firm believer in furniture making friends with other decor and appliances), and run a bunch of errands, I decided all the plates were going on all the walls today.

thumb_IMG_0221_1024 thumb_IMG_0219_1024

Those are the London plates. They occupy either side of my main living room window.

Then there are some of the plates my father’s mother painted:


And the “dining room” – a little table where two people can eat:


Most of what I received from Amazon today was for my kitchen, which remains stubbornly cream-colored with red accents, no matter what I do:

thumb_IMG_0229_1024 thumb_IMG_0228_1024 thumb_IMG_0226_1024 thumb_IMG_0225_1024

You can see how small it is, but it is fully equipped to provide phenomenal things (my gelato is to die for – I had some this afternoon after my errands and it was amazing).

I’m getting pretty happy with the place. More deliveries (for bed and bath) ensue this week, and there’s a console table coming as well. “Pleased” is a very good way to end a day, I think.

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