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Reinvention & Renewal

So it looks like Numerical Gurus is an actual entity – I filed the paperwork for the LLC a little while ago and am waiting for New York State to take its sweet time reviewing it for approval. I’m blogging there every day about book/library/information industry topics, and sometimes revisiting old posts from this blog. I’m doing consulting again, and it feels so good.

And The Solitary Chef is taking off! I’m learning so much – about video, social media, metrics. And when I’m not actively learning, I’m applying what I’ve learned over the years – marketing strategy, web development, analytics. It’s an incredible experience.

“What are you doing for fun?” someone asked me today. I have to confess that all this entrepreneurial activity is A Blast. But I am taking time for myself. I walk in the park near my apartment every day that the weather permits. The herons are roosting; I’m a bit concerned because it’s early for them to be doing that. But it’s been a warm winter, relatively speaking – and I’m seeing shoots of daffodils and crocuses coming up already. The forsythias in Bernardo’s yard are beginning to bud. Spring’s been poised to burst for weeks.

I also got a hydroponic herb garden kit. I don’t have any yard space in this apartment, but I do have greenery – easy-to-care for houseplants like ivy, philodendron, and other houseplants. Adding herbs to the landscape seemed prudent – I can’t get through the bushels of store-bought fresh herbs without there being a sopping mess melting in a baggie by the end of the week, but this way I can grow exactly what I need.

Mostly, I’m feeling gratitude. It’s so utterly amazing to focus on what’s fulfilling, what’s nourishing to the soul and the mind. And, I would argue, it’s the most important focus of all.

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