I don’t think pain can be objectified and measured. I have recently experienced back pain, but that is nothing up against tooth pain, which is in one’s actual head, throbbing away against the brain.

I was told in college, when I had some warts treated, that I have a strong buffer against pain. But I’ve two kids and multiple injuries since then – with multiple medications. I have a bad reaction to opioids – thank heavens. Nausea, vertigo.  I shot out my last kid in an attempt to stop the pain of labor – the doctor was surprised and irritated (and called back from the golf course) because I couldn’t bear it anymore and she REALLY wanted to be born. And I’ll give anything to stop feeling pain.

Last summer my leg gave me a bust. A Baker cyst – apparently it was building up in my leg. I never felt it until it burst. I have a friend who had a stomach cyst that did the same – we don’t always know when our bodies are hiding toxins. And suddenly they explode.

Pain is so subjective, which is why doctors don’t always trust it. But I think my sister’s latest experience and my cousin’s latest kind of gives priority to pain. If you’re in pain, trust that feeling and get help. Tomorrow I’m getting a root canal. It’s warranted. Tuesday I’m getting a chiropractic adjustment. That’s also warranted. Trust your pain. Seek help for it. Maybe it’s subjective, but apparently so is our reality right now so seek out help.

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