The Soul

Somehow You Keep Going

It’s going to be like this: every day a stream of the worst possible news coming out of the government. Rights curtailed if not outright terminated. Environmental disasters. Punishment. Lies. More punishment.

And already we’re seeing evidence of internecine strife among the left. I’m not here to lecture anyone; I know there’s real beef. I know that when we surge forward it will be messy, and there are very valid reasons why we can’t cohere. White women, in particular, have historically cast aside their black and brown counterparts in the lunge to the brass ring of equality with men, white men, any men but mostly white men. The bad taste doesn’t leave one’s mouth very quickly.

We need to have that strife.

Which means it’s going to take longer than we like to get where we need to go. It means we need more white faces at the Dakota Access Pipeline because those protests are going to start up again. It means we need more white faces at Black Lives Matter protests. Those of us who get pegged as white (I’m part Seminole and Blackfoot, but nobody could tell that by looking at me) need to show up on behalf of our sisters and brothers. THEN we might have a shot at some unity.

And this is hard work. I can’t always do it – I couldn’t do Saturday’s march. That doesn’t give me an out – it gives me a ticking clock to the next event where I need to show up.

But we need to keep on. In my walks, sometimes I’m so bored or tired that I want to turn around. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other, gets me where my body needs to go – those 10,000 steps that keep my body in tune and my brain from going dark. It seems incremental. It seems stupid, sometimes. But it’s the only way to get the work done – one step at a time.

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